The Collective Kids Whole Milk and Fruit Suckies Yogurt Pouches Review.

I was sent these vouchers for The Collective Kids whole milk and fruit Suckies yogurt pouches and a pot of The Collective gourmet yogurt.

The vouchers arrived with some cute little fridge magnets that my 7 year old enjoyed popping out and rearranging on the fridge.

Firstly, the 100g Suckies pouches come in 5 flavours, strawberry, raspberry, Apple & blackcurrant, banana and peach & apricot, so there’s sure to be one to suit your little ones taste.

The pouches are brightly coloured, attractive to children and they stand out amougst other yogurts aimed at children on the supermarket shelf.

The pouches are convenient as children can suck the yogurt straight from the pouch, so they are perfect for school lunches and make great healthy, after school snacks. They are also great for use on the go, when sitting down with a pot and spoon just isn’t an option. Inbetween the kids after school clubs for example.

My children are 7 and 12 years old and both enjoy yogurts. They were both excited to try the new Suckies pouches as I normally buy their yoghurts in pots.

My 7 year old gave the Collective Kids Suckies strawberry pouch a big thumbs up – he must have enjoyed it as he doesnt normally want to smile for photos on demand!

He was happy as he could carry on with what he was doing, rather than having to sit at the table with a pot and spoon – I was happy knowing there would be no mess as he just drank the yogurt straight from the pouch – this boy is renowned for spilling anything and everything down his front!

My 12 year old enjoyed the Collective Kids Suckies raspberry pouch and gave it the thumbs up before disappearing into her phone and the land of social media!

So, we have established that the kids enjoyed them, here’s why I, as parent like the Collective Kids whole milk and fruit Suckies pouches…

  • No nasties
  • No pips and bits
  • Great source of dairy
  • Easy to eat on the move
  • Lunch box friendly
  • Only contains sugar from the fruit and milk used to make it
  • Can be frozen and taken out for the day
  • Vegetarian friendly – very important for some
  • Gluten free – again, important for some
  • Supporting the BrownLee Foundation – great cause!

I love the fact that when you buy The Collective Kids Suckies pouches you are helping to support the BrownLee Foundation who work to inspire kids to get active – something that is really important, especially with the huge rise in screen use by children today – I read an article recently that stated that some children in the UK get less exercise and fresh air per day than the average prisoner!

The Collective Kids Suckies plus other products from The Collective Dairy range can be found in many of your local stores.

Check out the whole The Collective Dairy range on their website

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